March 1, 2021

March 2: Electric Boogaloo

I’m not sure it feels like March again, or still? For those of you keeping track at home (which is where you probably are, given *gestures […]
February 22, 2021


Sorry, I haven’t made a blog post here in a little while! Our lockdown’s been extended again, some other stuff’s been going on, and I’ve honestly […]
February 1, 2021

We Made it to February!

Is it just me, or does it sort of feel like it was just February the other day? Is that just a side-effect of having been […]
January 19, 2021

Streaming Today!

I’ve posted this on social media, BUT! I’m going to be streaming tonight (Tuesday the 19th), at & EST! This one’s a co-stream with my love, […]
January 3, 2021

Welcome to 2021!

2020 sure was … a thing that happened, wasn’t it? But we did it, we’re on the other side!  (One day maybe I’ll even successfully make […]
January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

Happy 2021! Here’s to hoping we all get out of quarantine soon! (I don’t know about you, but I’ve barely been out except for a couple […]
December 6, 2020

My True Calling

Honestly, my true calling is probably just drawing dumb censors on top of my own nudes. 😂 I give you a small collection of stuff I […]
November 29, 2020

Happy Anniversary, FFXV!

I guess if you know anything at all about me, it’s that one of the things I really like is Final Fantasy. I grew up in […]
November 27, 2020

I’m Excited about the Yuri on Ice Movie

So here are some photos of the time I cosplayed Yurio, which have always gone criminally under-appreciated.  Maybe this winter sometime I will finally finish his Agape […]
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