Circus Performer; Alternative Model


Specializing in Fire Eating, Staff, Double Staff, Torch Poi, and Aerial Hoop.

Fire Burlesque - Mononoke Version

A revamp of the classic Fire Burlesque, which can be done without the Mononoke theme, if you desire. Special guests in this video for the silk portion are Miranda Tempest and Faeya Tal.

Double-Double Fire Staff with Aaron Arson

Two people with two staves each, there's a lot of fire in this act. This version is Sandman Themed, but yours doesn't have to be! Guest-starring Aaron Arson.

Aerial Hoop Demo

Music may or may not reflect what will be done at your event, and the sequences of tricks may be moved around in order to best fit your track.

From the 2014 Toronto Burlesque Festival; Aerial Hoop Act. 


Alt-Burlesque and Nerdy Burlesque are specialties; nothing classic or pinup happens here.

"Bring out the Gimp"

Latex Gimp Burlesque; originally developed for a Tarantino-themed show, now just one of the most alternative burlesques you're likely to see!

Cabin in the Woods Burlesque

Need something that makes your Audience a little more uncomfortable than it does aroused? This act is probably for you.

More coming all the time!

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